Open Message To BALFLARE And SKYWINGS (Aka 2 Great Japanese Power Metal Bands)


Dear Takashi Odaira, Isao Matsuzaki, Leo Yabumoto, Syuta Hashimoto, Tommy and Eijin Kawazoe in the one band, e.g. BALFLARE – and Senoh, Yuki, Takashi and especially I-La in the other band, e.g. SKYWINGS – 日本への挨拶, I would be glad if you stumble upon this. First and foremost, please be assured that you have a lot of international fans – though they might not show up as often as your fellow countrymen.


Maybe this seems kind of weird, but as the administrator of the growing movie and metal blog Oliverdsw.Wordpress I just wanted to use the opportunity to thank you – for the work as quite unique and outstanding power metal bands from Japan. And of course for your great releases and special kind of music. At least all of your full-length albums were reviewed on this blog (search for your band in the 0-H letter area and the R-Z letter area), and even though there is still room for an album that is truly amazing (from my point of view, e.g. near the 10/10 rating) I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed them.

When it comes to BALFLARE, I got my first impression from the great TEMPEST (Review) – a track like the opener AWAKENING will always be on my imaginary TOP-100 list of the all time best power metal tracks. And even though I wasn’t as impressed with DOWNPOUR, I certainly felt the special kind of magic in it too – like in the masterpiece BEFORE THE DAWN, which you might know I made a video for.

And SKYWINGS… I am just impressed how you coped with the departure of your former lead singer, and especially the abilities of I-LA. You just have a great and very unique voice that I like to listen to. Or, so to say; ILAは、有能なハンサムと印象的です. Although I felt quite like VICE VERSA could have been better, it was kind of an amazing piece of art. Hence again, you totally blew my mind with GLORIA – the melodies, the chorus, the singing, these epic guitar solos… please, give us more.

Long story short: I just hope that you don’t plan to quit, and decide to release more stuff in the future. Preferably full-length albums, as chances are rather low for us international fans that we can get a hold of your smaller releases (like singles and ep’s). For an example, I am still looking for the SKY LEGACY-EP which is nowhere to find – at least not for a reasonable price.

balflareとskywingsはちょうど叙事詩です。彼らの音楽は、それは神ご自身の高さをとても素晴らしい到達します. So long, 騒乱の上にあなたの頭を保ちます.

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