Metal-CD-Review: FIRELAND – God N‘ Evil (2011)

Land: Chile – Stil: Melodic Power Metal

01. Ancient Time
02. Azgaroth
03. Here I Am
04. God ’n Evil
05. Believe
06. Where is Heaven
07. Turn Off The Lights
08. Politica
09. Moonpatrol
10. It ’s Not Magic
11. Dream

Foreword: Well, well – what do we have here ? A not so-well-known Power Metal band from Chile, which indeed has a little cliché-ridden name. But if the Power Metal history teaches us one thing, it may be that one shall never judge a band by its name only.You should always give it a try, if you are generally interested in the genre – although it is not that easy in this case. You will have to take what you can get on the internet, even if it are only snippets, trailers or videos on Youtube (like on this channel here). If you want to buy the disc indeed, you will have to contact the band, like it is written here on their Myspace. Well, maybe they will find a decent record label in the future, or even create a little online shop to solve these problems. They even released a video single from the song Azgaroth:

Review: Ancient Time is the first piece to kick ass, and it definitely does. It somehow reminds me of GalloglassAncient Times, but only because it has the same song title and a certain common melancholy. Fireland are going for a lot of uptempo here, totally blasting the roof of – just to calm the listeners down a bit with a catchy refrain. And, another thing: they definitely know how to play solos and how to deal with melodies and catchyness without drifting too far into the metal mainstream. Fans of Gamma Ray, Stratovarius & Co will be pleased… although the background choir in the refrain sounds a little thin there (8/10). Now follows Azgaroth, the title they released a video of. To be honest, it is none of my personal favorites – since the whole thing does not sound too spectacular at all. Especially the refrain can not manage to keep up with the international competitives, the screaming passages seem rather weird because of their appeal to have been edited (6/10). Then follows Here I Am – another true and very speedup uptempo-hymn, presented with a nice voice by the lead singer. Very catchy indeed (8/10). And now we have the title track God N‘ Evil – hey, why did they not publish this one as a video single ? The ‚demonic‘ or synthetic voices here and there, the nice melody and the very catchy refrain make this one a total win. It even comes along with a nice solo part, and although the instrumental part does not offer too many surprises – it is definitely one of the stronger pieces of the album (9/10).

The following piece, Believe, is a true ballad for the ’soft‘ part of our warrior’s hearts, and it definitely succeeds in that approach. It is by far not as lame as many of the mandatory ballads of other genre substitutes. No, the lead singer has a very nice voice, and manages to balance between the lower and higher parts. A nice refrain and a pleasant instrumental part are completing the picture (8/10). Where Is Heaven however starts in the middle of an orgiastic double-bass bombardment – not the best start for a track. And indeed, the speed seems to be maxed out in this one – the drummer has to do a lot of work here. At least this title won’t let you fall asleep – but this just is a little too much, especially since the other aspects seem to be drawn into the background. The somehow weird choir towards the end does not make it any better (6/10). Turn Of The Lights is a midtempo-anthem with stronger riffs and a ‚heavier‘ approach in general. It is nice for diversification, indeed – although I do not understand why there are these certain ‚voice experiments‘ that do not sound very professional – too bad. But still… (6/10). Politica is another swiftly piece, that comes along with a nice melody and a lot of power. Still, the refrain sounds a bit too tacky, and the song rather unspectacular compared to the others (6/10).

Moonpatrol indeed is a nice song with a remarkable melody towards the refrain, but the refrain itself does unfortunately contain the same ‚choir‘ as in the ones before, so the general impression is a rather drowsy than an energetic one. However, have i mentioned before that the lead singer definitely knows how to scream ? (6/10). It’s Not Magic is another one of the rather ‚heavier‘ and not so speedup songs. At first the riffs somehow reminded me of Crystallion. Somehow unspectacular, somehow experienced – here we totally are in the middle of something (5/10). One track left – and this is Dream. So to say, the perfect final for this album, since it is one of the more melancholic pieces that contain a certain ‚magic‘ within them. This time the rather sleepy sung refrain does not bother at all, it adds to the general impression. Nice guitar solos and a feeling for ‚epic‘ melodies that could appear in true hymns make this one a true pleasure (9/10).

Conclusion: Well, Fireland did a good job on this one. There are a lot of catchy tunes on God N‘ Evil, the lead singer has a lot of abilities and a nice voice range in general, the pieces vary between up tempo and mid tempo paces, the ‚obligatorily‘ ballad is nice, too. But there are some things that they should work on in the future: for instance, the production quality, which is not at a top-notch level yet. Maybe with a record label… ? Furthermore, the ‚choir‘ passages appeal rather thin and way too synthetic, such as the various and often weird sounding ‚experiments‘ within the songs. It is obvious: they have their strengths, and should stick to them. The ‚dreamy‘ and melancholic parts seem to be working best here, as well as the down-to-earth up tempo-pieces like Here I Am. And, as a last note: the lyrics are written in a way every listener should be able to relate to. So, who does not want to be Clark Kent ?


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