Metal-CD-Review: OPERADYSE – Hope Era Dies (EP, 2009)

Origin: France – Genre: Symphonic Power Metal

1. Legend Will Tell
2. Celestial Sword
3. Fairies‘ Secret Garden
4. Twilight And Vengeance
5. Lost Soul

Dear readers, is there anything to say against a somehow unusual review ? I say unusual because it is in three aspects: firstly, I am writing in english (first time), secondly: I am reviewing an EP (contrary to the other music reviews I have), and thirdly: this band has a female lead singer ! So, be prepared… and as always: if you find any mistakes, do not hesitate to contact me.

I guess there has been a lot of development in the last years, referring to female singers in metal. Not only since the success of Nightwish a great number of metal heads likes to listen to beautiful female voices (or extreme bands like Arch Enemy) – at best combined with an epic and orchestral sound, harsh guitars and powerful drums. And since I somehow devoted my life to the subgenre Power Metal: a lot of melody and beautiful arrangements. Therefore I am more than glad that I encountered Operadyse – a not-so-well known band, at least here in germany. But why is that… ? Ever since I heard „my“ first track of them, Celestial Sword, I called myself a fan. The band consists of:

Jennifer Lassalle (Lead vocals)
Bastien Sablé (Keyboards)
Damien Marco (Guitars)
Emmanuel Colombier (Drums)
Stephane Lambert (Bass)

And these guys certainly know how to make good metal music. The opener Legend Will Tell acts as a preparation for the things to come, and although it is held rather short, it manages to deliver a certain musical mood, a nice „calm before the storm“ if I might say so. And this might have been necessary: since the first track Celestial Sword is a true and epic metal anthem. At least in my opinion – but it is just like this: everything works out smooth and nicely. With the first notes being played, the listener will notice the outstanding and complex composition. And, with the beautiful voice of Jennifer Lassalle as the lead vocalist – almost nothing could go wrong. And, this first song also offers a standpoint (that I can also share !) on how good power metal should sound. Just try this little experiment: skip through the track, stopping every 30 seconds. What do you notice… ? Well, it sounds so different each time you „enter“ the song – a sign for the complexity of the production, and the diversity referring to the samples and arrangements. Well, some symphonic power metal bands sound rather boring and simply structurized (we all know it: double-bass attacks on every track, no extravagant samples, a rather „clean“ but boring sound) – „Operadyse“ is totally different here. Their sound is just bombastic, melodic and epic. Actually they somehow re-defined the genre, if you’d ask me. Right, a rather „small“ band from france that many people might not yet heard of !

But well, to the next track. And that is Fairies‘ Secret Garden. In my opinion the strongest track of the EP. And why is that ? Actually I do not really know. I just listen to it, and get totally blown away by it’s general impression. Of course, it has the same type of variety as the previous track, but this time it even becomes more epic, mainly referring to the orchestral arrangements in the background and the outstanding instrumental passages that are somehow reminding me of the good-old-game tunes of the 80’s (I do not know but I am thinking of Turrican at minute 1.55), just to become overwhelmed by a strong and experienced guitar-solo. And then again, the refrain; just wonderful. And from 3.57: pure, timeless epicness and gentle shivers on my back.

Phew, I have to breathe deeply, so that I am prepared for Twilight And Vengeance. This song starts rather slow (in comparization !), and manages to flourish with the beautiful refrain and the nicely transported lyrics. Again we have a lot of alternations here, the EP does not become boring at any point (which would be a bad sign for an EP, by the way) – I really like the guitar passage starting from minute 2.58 here (cheers, Damian !). Lost Soul starts with a short instrumental passage that could have been taken from a fantasy motion-picture like Lord Of The Rings, so it acts as a good opener for this last track of the EP. It is a rather ballad-orientated track with some relaxing moments in the middle, and some nice vocal passages. The refrain is as catchy as every refrain from Operadyse, and towards the end it becomes a little epic for the last time. Just to fade out… and come back with a short piano passage ! The last surprise of Hope Era Dies.

All in all, the arrangements, the lyrics, the technique, the melodies… everything is at its best. So I am really looking forward to any future projects of this great and promising band, Operadyse… keep the metal spirit alive !

You should check out Operadyse’s Official Myspace, too. You wouldn’t regret it. There you can also order their EP for the price of 10 Euros.

12 Gedanken zu “Metal-CD-Review: OPERADYSE – Hope Era Dies (EP, 2009)

  1. Hope you guys are still there, can’t wait for the upcoming album… best wishes and regards from Germany !

    Btw, nice and epic member-pics… please tell Franck that he did an amazing job on the new version of ‚Celestial Sword‘ (well, judging from 30 secs only, too bad).

    Lead me to the light !

    And stay metal 🙂


    1. Hi Man how are you?! Operadyse will go in studio this year 🙂
      feel free to add us on Facebook page, I‘ m more connected with this last one 😀
      Thanks again for you support! Keep the flame!


  2. Hehey thanks a lot! Legend Unfold‘ s just after Celestial Sword in the scrolling time of the adventures of Operadyse :), and all the other tracks will sounds Epic, epic, and…Epic 🙂 I‘ ll make you update for the news 🙂
    Keep The Flame!


        1. Yay, it’s the one and only Dam himself; no need to say that I feel honoured !

          Thanks again for the autograph mate, and of course I am very exited for the new album.

          Greetz, Oli 🙂


          1. Be patient 🙂 we ‚ re working hard to make a beautiful album!
            There will be more epic than our Ep! Stay tuned, Thanks!

            There‘ s two extract of our future album in demo version in our myspace page 😉

            Take care, Dam/Operadyse


            1. Argggh, it sounds so great and indeed absolutely beautiful ! Especially the samples in the track called Legend Unfold – it cannot get more EPIC, I guess. Amazing !

              Good luck referring to the search for a new singer, by the way !

              Im very confident that you guys will create a fascinating output, no matter what.

              Keep the spirit alive, and rock on…


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